Our Story

The idea for The Qazi Supply Company took form in 2012 when I was working in San Francisco and was looking online for a quality leather jacket. I wanted something made of quality, soft leather that can withstand the abuse of time, was comfortable to wear the whole day and looked good. After a lot of searching I saw that my options were either limited to the imported low-quality items, very expensive and soulless branded items, or very expensive (and good) domestic products. Surely, I thought, there was a better alternative to find quality products at reasonable prices.

That is when I turned to my city of Karachi, Pakistan. Pakistan has a huge international market of raw leather and leather goods. The country has been exporting leather goods for a few decades now. Leather from Pakistan is used in top fashion, industrial, automotive etc. brands  worldwide.


leather wallets


When I investigated the Pakistani leather industry I was surprised to see so much leather variety and so many different products. Products from key chains to wallets to shoes to military supplies to car interiors, all being produced at international quality standards.

My inner entrepreneur had an itch and I realized I can really make these quality products accessible to people in the US. And this is where I decided to introduce quality leather products from Pakistan. I decided to start with leather wallets for both men and women initially and plan on expanding the product portfolio to cover other products in the near future.

In a culture where personal relationships play an important role in any business deals or transactions, using some local contacts I was able to find a reliable supplier who was willing to work with me on the price I wanted, and, more importantly, the quality I wanted. And hence after months of preparations and help from my family, the Qazi Supply Company was born in 2015.


kaghan valley Pakistan

Kaghan Valley, Pakistan