Why Invest in Good Leather Wallets? 9 Reasons to go Leather!

One of the most common fabrics designers and the fashion industry uses for clothes and accessories is leather. Leather has been part of our clothing long before the fashion industry started using it. Just remember, our prehistoric ancestors used leather obtained from preys to cover their bodies. Comfortable, and long-lasting, leather is a great material for every piece of clothing.

One of the terms used for leather wallets is billfold, which is described as thin and flat folding case for carrying money in the pocket. Nowadays, leather wallets are one of the most commonly used accessories. That being said, some people still find that standard wallets as a better option. Their reasoning: leather wallets can be costly and expensive. And that is true, wallets made of leather usually cost more than standard wallets. But they will be one of your best investments. With a wide variety of styles for leather wallets available, there are simply few reasons why a leather wallet is a better option than a standard wallet.


Starting from the obvious and main reason why leather wallet is better option. Wallets made of leather can last with years, and their composure, color and smell will stay the same. Unlike standard wallets, leather can withstand the wear and tear of constant use. Their flexibility allows them to store multiple cards, coins and paper money in it, without breaking a sweat. The same thing cannot be said for a standard wallet, which might and will surely crack if filled with too many cards and money.



Speaking of durability, leather wallets are also extremely strong. They can withstand rain, hot weather, jammed in the pants pocket, or being thrown onto the back seat of your car. A leather wallet will keep its quality with time passing by due to the resistance of fire, dust, and dry abrasion. With such resistance to outdoor factors, leather wallets do not require any special care and treatment to keep them fresh, shiny and clean.



Let’s talk about how many wallets you need. One leather wallet can last up to 10 years. A standard wallet will usually crack after the second year. The simple math says that one leather wallet can substitute five standard wallets, making purchasing it a more practical choice. Leather wallet won’t become misshapen, won’t fall apart and will save you a lot of money in the long run.



Have you ever touched leather? If you have, you probably know that feeling of softness when touching leather. You don’t get that feeling when touching a standard wallet. Because of the comfortable feeling that a leather wallet provides to its bearer, you get a good feeling when you carry your wallet in the jacket breast pocket, your pants pocket, or in a bag.



You’ll get one point more for style when you carry a leather wallet. However you put it, leather accessories are stylish accessories. For sophisticated people, wallets are more than just useful items for carrying money, they are a fashion statement. A leather wallet reflects your personality in a way no other accessory can.



Some fabrics go out of fashion, but leather is here to stay. Leather jacket, leather bag, leather wallet, all these accessories and clothing are timeless. A leather wallet is a timeless piece in the way the little black dress is. No matter the fashion era, a leather wallet will keep you in style and in line with the trends.


The Nature Aspect

In the last few years people are looking more and more ways to get in touch with the nature, being in contact with the nature. Synthetic materials do not offer that feeling, and they are not eco-friendly. A wallet made out of leather, on the other hand, will always give you bonus points for keeping contact with natural objects and natural fabrics.


The Health Aspect

You probably won’t touch your skin with your leather wallet, but it is important to know that since leather is a natural material, it is much safer health-wise for your skin. Synthetic materials can give you rashes, while leather will never make your skin itchy and irritating.


The Smell

Last, but not least, leather wallets carry a certain smell. Depending of the type of leather used, the smell is different. But the smell is what guarantees you are carrying an original, natural made wallet in your pocket. The smell also makes sure your leather wallet will keep your leather bag odor-free. Leather can withstand contact with perfumes, making it easy to accommodate in a bag full with other accessories.