Should Men Wear Leather Bags - Why Yes and Why No

In recent years, however, leather bags for men have become such a huge trend, that some of the most famous women designers have started creating leather bags for men as well for women. That being said, the question is, should men wear leather bags? Well, yes, and no.

There are situations where men leather bags are absolutely common and accepted practice, and then there are situations where a man bag is a definitely “no no”. That being said, let’s discuss when should men wear leather bags, and what type of bags are out there. 


Men should wear leather bags

When going to the gym, when on a business meeting, for work, or sometimes for a casual event, men should and could wear bags. Why?

Because leather bags are practical and they are fashionable. Just like women need a huge bag to pack all their stuff from makeup, phone, pills, and so on, men also need a bag big enough to fit: phone, wallet, possibly a tablet PC, eBook reader, documents and so on.

Some five years ago, the standard outfit for lawyers and people going on business meeting was a suit and a suitcase. But no more. In later years, carrying leather bags such as briefcases is normal and even recommended to business meetings. They give the impression of a more laid back character, not one that is sterile and boring.

The fact is, men have become more interested and engaged in style and fashion in the past 10 to 15 years, that carrying a bag is common. Gone are the years when a tie and a watch were all the accessories men could wear.

From a style point of view, a leather bag allows men to have empty pockets, e key aspect when wearing a good suit.


Men should not wear leather bags

As mentioned, there are situations where men should absolutely avoid wearing a leather bag of any type. That is when going to a quick dinner, on a date, or out for some drinks. In those situations, all you need is wallet, phone and keys.

There is absolutely no reason to go out on a date with a girl carrying a bag, unless you want to use it as a conversation starter.


Types of leather bags for men

There are several types of leather bags for men that are convenient, stylish and appropriate for different conditions.

Let’s start with the gold standard in business meetings, the briefcase. With a high quality briefcase, you can be sure you’ll make a great first impression on any business meeting. The safest choice of all, briefcases improve your style, class and can fit everything you carry. Make sure to match your briefcase with your shoes, belt, and even gloves. When it comes to briefcases, most men opt for a black version, because it is easier to combine. But that is exactly the reason why should you opt for a brown version, especially if you want to stand out.

The messenger bag is one type of leather bag that has become popular in recent years, due to its size and practicality. Smaller in size, the messenger bag is suitable for casual events, one that will come in handy if you want to have empty pockets but you carry one or two phones, a wallet, sunglasses, and several keys. The trick with messenger bags is they absolutely must be part of the outfit, they shouldn’t stand out. There are no set rules how to wear it, as long as it matches the outfit.

Last, but not least, the holdall bag is another type of leather bags that has recently taken over the market. Thanks to popular designers such as Roberto Cavalli, Giorgio Armani, and Trussardi, holdall bags have become part of the fashion runway. The only downside of holdall leather bags is they cannot be carried over the shoulder. But if that is not a problem for you, holdall bags can also fit any style, be it casual or more formal.