6 Gifts No One Would Like to Receive This Holiday Season

Everyone loves holidays, they are a time when everybody comes together, celebrates, eats and what could be better than that? Right, we forgot about the presents. Who doesn’t love to get a nice and useful present, but not everyone always gets a present they like. No one wants to unwrap their Christmas gifts and be horrified of what they are holding, to receive gifts that would be uncomfortable to even re-gift them. So, let’s take a look at what are the worst gifts that can be found under anyone’s Christmas tree, the gifts no one should ever give to someone.
Christmas Sweater

This is the most common gift people give for Christmas. If you aren’t hosting an ugly sweater party, there is no reason why you should receive this uncool gift. No one should be forced to wear this knitwear, no matter how festive it is. So, if someone wants to dress you up on a holiday season, maybe a pair of silly socks would be a better idea.


Bacon Flavored Things


Since the holidays are about food, and everything is now made with bacon flavor - toothpaste flavored with bacon, sunscreen flavored with bacon and many more - all of these can easily ruin the joy and excitement of one of the most celebrated foods. So, in order to still keep liking bacon, maybe people should give things in other flavors, like sausage, also one of favorite breakfast food.


Anything That Reminds People They Are Alone

Like being single on a holiday isn’t bad enough, receiving a gift that reminds you of that is just mean. Giving cookbooks on how to prepare meals for one, gift cards for restaurants for two and ramen cookers are really depressing gifts, even if someone is happily divorced. This can only create stress, so maybe it would be better to just receive a plain gift card and get it over with.


A Wallet That You Can't Really Use

fat wallet

A wallet is a common gift during the holiday seasons, but in many cases, people just don’t know how to pick the right one. Many of them choose style over substance, when a wallet is supposed to be a home for all your precious belonging. It needs to hold your crucial items and various cards. So, people should always choose a good, leather wallet that will be both practical and beautiful.


Gift Certificates for Hair Removal and Installation

Okay, this is maybe the most offensive gift anyone can give to someone. Everyone would be put off by a gift that says that you are hairy or that you don’t have enough hair. I believe that we all know and are aware of our hair, how much we have it or don’t, and we don’t need to be reminded of that. So, the best thing people should do is to leave the hair alone for Christmas, or as a matter of fact, out of any other holiday.


Stuffed Animals

stuffed animals

Which adult wants or needs a stuffed animal? Okay, maybe there are some who like this kinds of gift, but many adults just don’t like to get a creepy stuffed animal which says how much someone is “loved”. I personally believe that these are just for children, so maybe another gift would be more appropriate, a gift that will suit someone’s personality.

So, I hope that you got an idea on what gifts are not really appropriate for the holiday season and that you will consider our advice when shopping for your friends and family. Don’t just buy gifts to give them out, take your time and consider what someone would like to get and whether that gift would be practical. Guys love practical gifts, and girls love gifts that are thoughtful. Everyone loves fun and quirky stuff but, the line can be easily crossed, and this is why I shared these tips with you, to help you stay on the good side and not give something that everyone will regret. Have a fun and happy holiday!