What your wallet says about you

Almost all guys in the modern world prefer to carry their money in wallets. Did you ever know that the type of wallet that you carry has the potential to say a lot about you? Understanding the crack to wallet code is not a difficult task and we will let you know about it through this article.

Bifold wallets – If you are a low maintenance guy, you would like to carry a leather two fold wallet. In fact, most of the people who carry these wallets wear khaki pants and jeans with collared shirts. In addition, these guys are pretty lazy and they tend to replace shoes when they are all worn out. They pay attention towards their comfort than anything else. However, these guys always look neat and presentable.

Tri-fold wallets – Tri fold wallets are used by people who have big dreams. These people often want to go everywhere and do many different things. Even though these guys aren’t excellent planners, they dream a lot. Since they try to do many different things at once, they are often busy and don’t have much time to carry out all the tasks that are in the schedule.

Long wallets – Guys who use long wallets are the most refreshingly confident folks that you can ever meet. They look really cool and you would love to hang out with such guys. Moreover, these guys are very open and honest. Therefore, you will never be able to find a guy who uses a long wallet trying to make himself appear tough or jockeying for position. He wants to be the boss in every situation and is very passionate about the job.

Logo covered wallets – These guys look greasy, but they are actually crunchy. They are the most annoying employees that you can find in your office. They often think that they are too good for the job and ask for more while complaining. These guys also want to convince others that they come from rich families, even though it is not true. They tend to take pictures with the things that they cannot afford and post those pictures on social media networks for others to see.

One belt chain – You will be able to find these guys in high school. These guys have a trouble in expressing the inner creative flair that they have within their minds. These guys also prefer to grow their facial hair.

Card Holder – If you know someone who uses a card holder as a wallet, you can add him to your emergency contact list without any doubt on mind. They are always willing to approach random strangers and establish business partnerships with them. These guys also have a very good memory capacity because they prefer to sum up everything in the head without writing down anything.

These facts are 100% verified through statistical information and scientific analysis. Therefore, you can apply them at any point of time to analyze any guy.