Leather Care Tips

leather boots

#1 If your leather gets dry and hard, try conditioning it. Hydrating leather will leave it feeling and looking beautiful. There are numerous waxes, creams and oils you can use to recondition your leather. We personally recommend the Leather Honey Leather Conditioner.

#2 Use a damp cloth to clean your leather. You can also use a few drops of liquid soap with warm water to get light stains out. If you're looking to remove heavy stains, try using rubbing alcohol. Note that this might wash off the color of cheaper leathers.

#3 Try not to overfill your leather wallets or bags. Leather stretches over time and it's not possible to get it back into it's taut form.

 leather wallet

#4 If your leather gets wet, dry it with a cloth. Don't leave the water too long as the leather might absorb it.

#5 Let your leather breathe. Don't seal it up because movement of moisture through leather is what keeps it soft and in good condition.

 leather bag